14.11.2022 11:13

Google reported three mobile usability issues on Images page, so I decided to fix them. Now a viewport is set, no more "text is too small to read" problems, and clickable elements are further away from each other. Last one was a tough one, but finally realised it's fixable by redefining the main page container. It was forced to be 760px wide (for unknown reasons defined in three different instances), and changing this to 75% made the page much more responsible.

Also, removed JS and CSS providing customized fixes for IE7, and some externallinks.js customization which was created on 2005. And also ga.js was now left out, apparently this should've done already years ago.

Some CSS's now updated had their previous changes on February 2008, so went almost 15 years with the same definitions. :)

And finally, I also did some updates and left-offs to some texts on the page here and there. And some code cleaning too, as always!

07.03.2022 10:12

Needed the coordinate converter after a long while and noticed a bug there. It was using a function which was deprecated already with PHP 5.3 and removed on 7.0, so the converter wasn't working at all. So fixed that. Always good to stay up-to-date... :P

09.12.2017 11:42

Small update to coordinate converter, fixed the Karttapaikka-link which wasn't working anymore. Also removed the unworking Mapquest-link, I guess no-one had ever used it so no reason to keep up-to-date.

Also removed Waymarking and Terracaching pics from the frontpage, they weren't working anymore.

26.04.2015 18:15

I did a big update to coordinate converter today, following things got updated:
- Now there's a possibility to choose the hemisphere, earlier it fully worked only with N/E-coordinates.
- Some intelligence added to coordinate handling, now it doesn't break with ° (decimal sign) anymore, that bug appeared at some point.
- Coordinates from Ed Williams' Great Circle Calculator now work directly without any manual changes.
- Google Maps link updated, now it works with the new Google Maps.
- Eniro map link fixed, it's called Fonecta nowadays.

24.12.2011 12:29

Couple more minor fixes while I have the files open, updated the Geocaching.com map link to the new beta-version in coordinate converter and added photo description to the image gallery image-popups.

24.12.2011 11:54

Removed the Misc-link from the menu, there was only sub-level links to the Site updates and Code snippets. Those code snippets seem to be very useless nowadays (they've been added something like -07) but the page is still visible there. Site updates is now available right at the main menu.

24.12.2011 11:47

Whoa, a christmas miracle! I did an update! Just added my current employer to the About me-section and did some other minor text fixes. No, I haven't got a new job, I've been working at Lyyti more that 2 years already, just been lazy with updating this site. :)

11.11.2009 09:23

It's been almost a year since last update, so have to do something little again. Uploaded the PDF-version of my thesis and did some minor fixes to some pages. And the main reason of doing updates: Guess what happened 2 days ago? Yeap, snow. :)

22.11.2008 16:14

Couple more improvements to coordinate converter's lower box, now it understands also the coordinates copied from the Geohashing-map. There was one character which broke the converter, added a management for that and some other possible situations also.

BTW, almost forgot: First snow came 2 nights ago, very early on 20th this month. :P

18.09.2008 00:31

Two more updates to coordinate converter, added link to Google Maps and found one more type of coordinates which didn't worked as intended.

30.08.2008 14:03

Two improvements to coordinate converter, there was one quite useful format which wasn't working with converter. Now it does. Other improvement was just cosmetic.

17.08.2008 15:01

I finally graduated from school few months ago and today I finally managed to update some of the contents in About me-section. Also tried to do some cosmetic improvements but I don't know if they worked... Mostly fixed the My CV-page and print view of that, looks better for me now.

25.03.2008 02:41

Finally coded the box to convert coordinates-page where you can paste whole coordinates in one piece. I'm quite sure that there will be updates with that, I just have to find the bugs first... :) Also added showing of degrees to direction-distance-tool, and noticed that the distance wasn't quite correct, there was a little mistake so changed the Haversine formula to Vincenty formula, which seems to give better results. Found the PHP-code from here, wicked one.

Edit 02:54: Also did a quicklink to http://www.toni.fi/d which goes to Direction & Distance-tool.

02.03.2008 16:51

Added distance-calculation to "show point of the compass"-tool, had the code ready on my computer so adding it there was easy. Also fixed a typo with escape()-code snippet.

17.02.2008 17:43

Removed Lightbox from image-gallery and replaced it with Slimbox. Also grouped all images so they can be browsed with left- and right-arrow keys. I noticed that image-infos have been missing for a long time, have to add them some day/night. Also added Google Analytics to page today.

20.01.2008 04:24

Updated/added few things: Added "Formatting MySQL-datetime"-snippet, updated "Escape variables"-snippet and changed the URLs to the tools to little more simpler ones. I also noticed that source code-file of tools has been outdated for a while, so made a new way of viewing for it. Now it wont get outdated anymore.

I need the coordinate-converter so often nowadays that I made a quick-URL for it, so now the address http://www.toni.fi/c goes there. Neat.

01.01.2008 21:53

Another update today, added one code snippet. It can be used to remove HTML-tags from string, you can find it from here. Took a while to google for that, so added it here when finally found it.

01.01.2008 19:08

I were supposed to add SHA1 to my MD5-hashing tool, but after little coding there's now 38 different hashing algorithms. Most of them are useless for me (never even heard about some of those), but they were easy to add so why not. :) Also increased the size of the box, old one was way too small.

31.12.2007 02:53

Fixed one bug with coordinate converter, it converted the coordinates wrong in some cases because of little mental aberration in code... Well, now it seems to be working correctly.

Also started to code field where you can paste the coords in on piece, but it's not ready yet... It shouldn't be that hard but looks like it is, just spent half an hour to get this one line of code:

$value_arr = array_values(array_diff($value_arr,array("")));

Great... And oh yes, happy new year! \o_

29.12.2007 22:28

Did some fixes to "Site updates"-page, it wasn't working very well and there was also an IE-bug which needed to fixed. Also added the latest news to frontpage and made little improvement to "Convert GPS-coordinates"-tool. Also fixed the source code-file of Tools, which have been broken since autumn because of some update made by hosting company. Also got new scholarship couple of weeks ago, so added it to MyStudies.

03.11.2007 23:59

Oh yes, first snow came today, almost forgot my not-so-new-anymore tradition. :)

03.11.2007 23:32

Yea, finally managed to publish this new layout, which is much simpler than old one. No, making this didn't took 3 months, just been quite busy so didn't had time to set this up to server. Old layout wasn't the easiest one to keep up-to-date, and it was also kind of messy... But that layout was very good too and had many things I liked (for ex. aphorisms and those little leftside-images), so it might come back as a optional selection some time. Well see.

Addons done to pages now: Images are not in db anymore, that was just too slow. Now they really work, and they also open with Lightbox, so no that popup anymore. There's also new long description about me, read it if you feel like. There's also 3 new tools, which are "Decode URLs with urldecode()", "Convert GPS-coordinates" and "Show point of the compass from A to B".

07.07.2007 03:00

Yeap, it's been a long time again without any updates, so I started making this new layout few hours ago. So it's time to put some new design first and later some other updates too (big plans with small free time, unfortunately). Well, we'll see whats it gonna be. :)

20.01.2007 00:00

Published the source codes for tools (available here) and added links to my latest update-post before this.

18.01.2007 00:00

Phew, finally. Finished very big project with this site, moved all the pages (which were formerly in inc-files) to functions and classes. It was a big thing to do but finally it's ready. :) Also added 2 new tools, personal ID-validator and resolution / color depth-viewer and one new code snippet, hiddenable box. Some other minor updates also coming in near future.

29.10.2006 00:00

Made some updates to layout, there were few usability bugs which came up when I checked the page with WebXACT. I also found a bug with entityDecoder (again, god dammit), I'll fix it asap... I think I know how to fix it, it will just take some time. Oh, and yes: First snow came yesterday (starting new tradition...) ;)

21.08.2006 00:00

Today I fixed some links which Google reported as broken, they were still pointing to Gempoint... Phew. Well, now all the links in my studies-page work. And I also added the tag for js-file to course-popup. And as a third thing, I added the updated source code for entity decoder.

19.08.2006 00:00

Fixed entity decoder, now it's back in business. Works much better than original. :)

16.08.2006 00:00

Woah, there has been a lot of updates today and yesterday. First of all, I made several modifications to pages to make them little bit more search engine-friendly. Then I fixed EXIF-reader, temporarily removed HTML-decoder, updated XHTML-base in Code snippets and updated all the URLs (no more capitals). More coming soon.

07.08.2006 00:00

Added some flash-animations to About me->Productions-page, and changed the layout of that page also (removed the images). There's also my updated information in CV-page. And as a third thing to do, I fixed the Change skin-system, there were few pages which didn't work with the old (orange) layout. Now there shouldn't be any broken pages.

04.03.2006 00:00

When I added the Tools-menu, I also had to made the whole navigation matrix again, because I couldn't find the old one. Now I uploaded the .psd-file, so if wanna look how that navigation is made, my nav matrix is here (made with Adobe PS CS2). Original navigation matrix tutorial can be found from here.

04.03.2006 00:00

Moved things from Misc->OtherMisc to own category called Tools... And also added one tool, which is HTML entity decoder. You can try it here.

22.01.2006 00:00

Made little script which allows you to change the skin of the page. Because someone told me that the older skin was better. Well, the button is there in the left, go and try.

20.01.2006 00:00

I added 6 aphorisms, so now there's 22 aphorisms total. Hope you enjoy.

18.01.2006 00:00

Felt like I should do something with PHP, so I made EXIF-data-reader for digital photographs... You can find it from here.

18.01.2006 00:00

Added some alternatives to those URL-variables, so now for ex. images, Images, images/ and Images/ work... Phew, god damn that .htaccess. :(

01.12.2005 00:00

There was still little problem with .htaccess-file, so I fixed it. Now the links in Yahoo Search work, and all subfolders are accessible too.

30.10.2005 00:00

Moved image gallery to database. Feels like it's little bit slower now, but advance anyway ;)

28.10.2005 00:00

Passed courses to database.

26.10.2005 00:00

Two minor updates; Moved those images in the leftside of the page and these news to the database. And by the way; First snow came last night. \o/

12.10.2005 00:00

Succeeded to fix the .htaccess-file so now all the links and folders are open.

06.10.2005 00:00

Yeap, it's my birthday and also a good day to publish this site. Lot's of things coming in near future. Just need some time to do them.

09.09.2005 00:00

Started the project.