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Latest update:

14.11.2022 11:13

Google reported three mobile usability issues on Images page, so I decided to fix them. Now a viewport is set, no more "text is too small to read" problems, and clickable elements are further away from each other. Last one was a tough one, but finally realised it's fixable by redefining the main page container. It was forced to be 760px wide (for unknown reasons defined in three different instances), and changing this to 75% made the page much more responsible.

Also, removed JS and CSS providing customized fixes for IE7, and some externallinks.js customization which was created on 2005. And also ga.js was now left out, apparently this should've done already years ago.

Some CSS's now updated had their previous changes on February 2008, so went almost 15 years with the same definitions. :)

And finally, I also did some updates and left-offs to some texts on the page here and there. And some code cleaning too, as always!