Oh, hi there. Let me introduce myself to you:

Briefly, my name is Toni Korpela, I'm 39 years old and I live in Turku, which is located in southern Finland.

Working & studying:

At the moment I'm working at the Lyyti Oy. Lyyti is an event management system, I started coding of it while working at Damex Multimedia Oy and Lyyti hired me from there at November 2009. Since that I have programmed Lyyti, the actual tool can't be seen without having an account but I can say that it's quite wide and has several neat features. You can learn more at our English site at Evenstein.com.

Before Lyyti I worked at the Damex Multimedia Oy, I started there at 05/2005 with school's mandatory work practice period of 5 months. My work practice was made for Turku University of Applied Sciences where I started my studies at 27.08.2003, and from where I graduated at 29.05.2008. It took me 5 years, but actually I spent last 2 years mostly for doing my thesis (and working at the same time). I didn't spent the whole time for making one thesis, there were couple of tryouts which didn't took me nowhere first. But more about my thesis later. I have also worked in that same school from 02/2006 to 12/2006, my sphere of competence there was programming new Totsu-system. The system isn't anywhere to be seen, I didn't had the time to finish the project and nowadays seems like it doesn't exist anymore, the address is closed.

As my thesis I did a certain kind of PHP/MySQL-implementation with one of my classmates. You can read more about that in PDF-version of thesis. The document is mostly in Finnish, only the abstract is translated to English.

I guess that that's enough about my studies and ways of making cash, if you wish to know more you should check My CV or My studies-page, which contains more information about my studies in Turku University of Applied Sciences.

How I spend my time (= hobbies & interests):

Well, of course because I'm a programmer, I spend quite a lot of time with computer. When I accidentally get out I like to do for example geocaching (nsk @ geocaching.com). Also frisbeegolf is close to heart and I used to do it a lot few years ago, but wasn't very active with that on last summer. As interests I could list graffiti, stencils, stickers and urban exploration.