Oh, hi there. Let me introduce myself to you:

Briefly, my name is Toni Korpela, I'm 41 years old and I live in Turku, which is located in southern Finland.

Working & studying:

At the moment I'm working at the Lyyti Oy. Lyyti is an event management system, I started coding of it while working at Damex Multimedia Oy and Lyyti hired me from there at November 2009. Since that I have programmed Lyyti, the actual tool can't be seen without having an account but I can say that it's quite wide and has several neat features. You can learn more at our site at Evenstein.com (no more Evenstein, just Lyyti nowadays. Point your browser here instead).

Before Lyyti I worked at the Damex Multimedia Oy, I started there at 05/2005 with school's mandatory work practice period of 5 months. My work practice was made for Turku University of Applied Sciences where I started my studies at 27.08.2003, and from where I graduated at 29.05.2008. It took me 5 years, but actually I spent last 2 years mostly for doing my thesis (and working at the same time). I didn't spent the whole time for making one thesis, there were couple of tryouts which didn't took me nowhere first. But more about my thesis later. I have also worked in that same school from 02/2006 to 12/2006, my sphere of competence there was programming new Totsu-system. The system isn't anywhere to be seen, I didn't had the time to finish the project and nowadays seems like it doesn't exist anymore, the address is closed.

As my thesis I did a certain kind of PHP/MySQL-implementation with one of my classmates. You can read more about that in PDF-version of thesis. The document is mostly in Finnish, only the abstract is translated to English.

I guess that that's enough about my studies and ways of making cash, if you wish to know more you should check My CV or My studies-page, which contains more information about my studies in Turku University of Applied Sciences.